At Wellbeing Venues our mission is to bring organizations together and create wellbeing programmes. We primarily achieve this by helping wellbeing practitioners connect with venue hosts. Established in 2017 in the sunny climes of West London, the site has steadily grown the number of Venues promoting a space to hire as well as an audience who find this information helpful.

Our core values are:

Inclusivity – We appreciate that many venues are run by charities, schools and not-for-profits with a key aim to help their community flourish in a healthy and sustainable manner. Our site is built to suit a variety of budgets. so please mention this when listing your venue.

Care and Integrity – With help from Venue Hosts, we do our best to maintain the listings of venues as accurately as we can.

Transparency – To help maintain this site, we include advertising that may be of interest to our audience. Where this is the case, we do so in an open and transparent way marking advertising content clearly. Further detail can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Impartiality – We like to give venues a spotlight by running featured articles and learning what makes them unique. There are a number of ways to highlight the best features of a venue. The first step is to list your venue on our site, which is a straightforward process by following the instructions here.

Should you wish to get in touch to feature your venue, request some assistance to improve a current listing or to help us improve what we do, then please feel free to use the form below.