You fell in love with Yoga, found the right courses, and finally became a Yoga Instructor.

Then you realise that being a Yoga instructor is about more than just Yoga. In order to be able to share your passion for the practice you need to have a whole host of other skills. Finance, marketing, venue management, as well as finding time to keep your own practice up to date and keeping your classes fresh for your students.

Fortunately, you are not alone. These days there are a number of online resources that can help you with everything from sequencing classes and adjusting asanas for special populations, to keeping on top of your finances.

Here’s a quick round up of 5 of our favourite online resources for Yoga Instructors.

Online Resources for Yoga Instructors

Yoga Journal

Yoga Journal is exactly what it sounds like. A journal about Yoga! It contains a host of free articles for your own practice, as well as resources for teachers.

It covers Yoga, meditation and Wellbeing practices and offers advice on the business side of Yoga as well as the practical teaching side. As a Yoga instructor you can also sign up to their Premier Teachers (Plus) account that offers liability insurance, as well as an online sequence builder, playlist library and business tools.

Yoga International

Yoga International offers some free online articles aimed particularly at teachers that include hands-on teaching advice, as well as business tips. Become a member and you can also access their library of continuing education courses to help you go deeper into your practice and widen your scope as an instructor.

online resources for yoga instructors

Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is the largest non-profit organisation representing the Yoga community.and becoming a member grants you Registered Yoga Teacher status and the right to use their marks on your marketing. There are no free online resources for Yoga instructors, but qualify for membership and you will be able to access their online workshops and past workshops archives, get discounts on insurance and yoga products and apply for scholarships for ongoing education.

90 Monkeys

90 Monkeys is an online and in-person educational resource. They offer initial teacher training, as well as online courses to help you develop your business with titles like “How to Run Workshops and Retreats” and “Teaching Yoga in the Digital Age”.

If it’s free resources you are looking for, then 90 Monkeys doesn’t disappoint. Their News section is full of helpful advice aimed at Yoga instructors.


Yoginomics is a business resource, aimed particularly at Yoga instructors, wellbeing teachers and retreat planners. Their blog section contains a number of free articles and online resources for Yoga instructors. There are also free webinairs and downloadable guides. The Start Here section contains a helpful round-up of their most popular resources.

You can also purchase their business training package that offers worksheets, templates, and further resources to help you expand your Yoga business, and if that’s not enough, they offer one on one coaching services as well.


Finally, not to blow our own trumpet, but Wellbeing Venues is an online resource that should be on the list of any Yoga Instructor. Find Yoga Studios and Venues in your area to hold your classes, and check out our Tips & Advice section for more useful advice. Plus, sign up to our newsletter with the form below to download our handy venue booking checklist and get tips and advice by email.

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