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The Sheffield Wellness Centre is one of the venues on our database with a vision to create a community, the centre has many glowing reviews, despite only being open for 6 months. We caught up with Richard from the Sheffield Wellness Centre to find out a bit more about the space and their plans for the future.


The Sheffield Wellness Centre has been open about 6 months. Tell us a little about the building and the idea behind the Wellness Centre.

The wellness centre was borne out of necessity and nearly didn’t happen at all! My wife is an antenatal instructor and I am a hypnotherapist. We had a one room clinic in Sheffield city centre but when the lease came to an end we needed somewhere to base our business from. We struggled to find anywhere appropriate for both of us. When we found out about the Old Coach House it had just been snapped up by someone else. Fortunately for us they dropped out and we got first refusal.

We intended the wellness centre to meet the needs that we had both had throughout our time as health professionals but had rarely been able to find. We knew that we wanted the place to be well insulated – both in terms of sound and heat. We have worked at places with paper thin walls and no heating and it really gets in the way of a session I can tell you!

We wanted the booking system to be smooth, efficient and short as we have had to use systems that were far from that. We also wanted to try to bring health professionals together as many of them work in isolation by default and we wanted to provide a space where therapists could feel part of something bigger and to have the potential to meet face to face with others in different but complimentary professions.

What rooms do you have available for practitioners to hire in the Wellness Centre?

We have four rooms available. The Abbey Room is our dedicated massage therapy room. It is equipped with a high quality massage bench, a sink, a consulting area and towels are included in the cost of the room.

The Dale Room is the smallest of the four rooms. It is ideal for talking therapy like CBT, counselling and coaching.

The Bandler Room is the larger room for talking therapy and is the room that I use most for my hypnotherapy sessions.

The Studio is the largest room and is where Fi holds her antenatal classes. This room also hosts yoga classes, mindfulness workshops and even photoshoots.

It sounds like you’re building a bit of a hub for alternative therapies in Sheffield. What kind of
practitioners do you have already using the building?

We have massage therapists, coaches, counsellors, reiki, healing, massage therapy, herbalists, nutritionists, hypnotherapists, CBT practitioners and antenatal teachers.

You offer an online booking service for practitioners. What benefits does that offer?

The benefit of this is two fold. From the practitioner’s point of view it helps them to look professional and organised as they can book their own clients in while they are still on the phone. The system means that they can see exactly when their preferred room is available and organise with their client so it is all taken care of in one phone call.

From our point of view it means that we do not have to be a receptionist for the therapists using the space. It means that we can all be much more efficient. In time as the website ranks higher and higher for searches we plan to restructure the wellness centre’s booking so clients will be able to book online or through a receptionist but this is all part of scaling up the business. We weren’t in a position to create the centre and take on staff so we focused on the essentials first and will add more to what we do when the time is right and it is sustainable.

What other benefits are there to becoming part of the community at The Sheffield Wellness Centre?

Being based at the Sheffield Wellness Centre has a number of benefits. As the wellness centre is part of The Old Coach House (which is a group of independent businesses set around a cobbled courtyard) it means that there is more going on than just the wellness centre. We have gained clients from people visiting the on-site cafe. The cafe has gained custom from clients leaving a yoga class and then going for a cup of coffee. We all benefit as a result of this.

Another benefit is that we are actively promoting the therapists using the space in whatever way we can. We talk about them and their events on social media and our website. We cross refer whenever it is appropriate and it means that we are often able to provide the perfect therapy or treatment to people who we meet.

We also help health professionals with the business of what they do. Most therapists are great at what they do but not so good letting the world know who they are and what they do. This is the reason that most health professionals don’t work full time in their business when they often want to. We help people optimise their website or social media in order to connect with their potential clients.

What hours are spaces available at the Wellness Centre? Can associates gain access outside your core hours if they need to?

The centre’s core hours are 7am to 8pm though the rooms can be used 24 hours a day 7 days a week if needed as we have code access throughout the building. We also have security lights and night vision cameras installed for the safety and security of everyone using the space.

Lastly, tell us a little about how you see the future shaping up for the Wellness Centre and any plans or events you have planned for 2018.

The future looks bright!

We are currently looking for an online booking system that allows us to keep the benefits of having online booking available for all health professionals but also the benefits of a calendar system with an even greater level of functionality.

We will be holding quarterly markets in the cobbled courtyard. These will have a health and wellness focus and will enable people to meet the health professionals, have free consultations or taster sessions. We will also be getting air conditioning throughout the venue as well to ensure that the quality of the working environment is as ideal as possible for the people using the rooms.

We are also planning on ensuring that we are able to integrate the booking system with Reserve With Google which will enable people to book sessions through the Google search results. It is something that has been trialled in America over the last year and will be available in the UK in 2018. We want to ensure that we are staying on top of the developments in the industry so we can offer the best to the people who use the centre.

The final plan we have for next year is that we want to make our pamper parties more regular. We have come up with a format where a small group of people can get a massage, afternoon tea, homemade scones with jam and cream and even a glass of prosecco but can also bring along non-mobile babies. The benefit of this is that the mum or dad can get a massage while in the same room their baby is watched over friends or family. We found that getting some time to have a little pampering when you are a new parent is very difficult so we aimed to fill that gap in the market.

Thanks for your time Richard, and all the best for the future!

Visit our listing for the Sheffield Wellness Centre to find out more and book a space.

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  1. Richard

    It is lovely to see my place on your website! Thank you SO much for featuring what we do. We hope that we will inspire others to work in a similar way as it is SO rewarding. If anyone has any questions about what we do you are welcome to get in touch for more info.