In today’s busy world it can be hard to find space and peace. Here you will find some information and personal experiences on a retreat venue that can offer peace, progress, nurturing and healing with retreats and courses available all year round.

The Open Pathway near Yeovil is a retreat centre and training college that focuses on teaching, care and nurturing for everybody. They are a UK registered charity and seek to find a spiritual common ground with each individual regardless of upbringing, gender, race or religion.

The centre offers a variety of retreats including Yoga retreats, personal retreats for relaxation and personal growth, or silent retreats at Easter and Christmas.

Housed in and around a 17th Century house, The Open Pathway also features a heated swimming pool and gardens that are ideal for quiet reflection.

Staying at the Centre

The accommodation varies from a sanctual single-room chalet amid beautiful gardens to self-contained cottages with a theme of clean and simple living.

Having stayed in both, either make for a lovely stay. The chalet-style cottages allow you to be close to nature – the wonder of awakening in the morning to an ensemble of birds and creatures rousing from slumber, is truly magical. On the other hand, the simple, homely cottages allow for a bit more indulgence – with a separate kitchen and living room to make for a comfortable rest.

The Centre also have a bungalow ideal for group retreats. It is self contained and has a large sitting room and separate dining room, so would be ideal for a small retreat gathering. For group retreats, the Centre can accommodate anywhere from 5 to 25 individuals comfortably.

Therapies at the Centre

The therapies offered at The Open Pathway Centre around healing and courses are of a similar theme. The central course is the Pure Meditation course; the cornerstone of the Centre’s purpose.

Healing is such a personal journey and can vary enormously from person to person. As teacher-trainers, the practitioners at Open pathway have experienced and helped a wide spectrum of individuals and their needs, both physical and emotional.

In any event, the Centre itself has a peaceful, healing ambience so even a short stay will help to feel rested and recharged.

Breakfast is included, and lunch and dinner is available for a small charge. All food is vegetarian, generously portioned and different dietary requirements are lovingly catered for.

Courses available

The Open Pathway Centre has a comprehensive course programme ranging from First Aid through to Yoga and Holistic Energy Care.  A selection of courses are also offered online for those unable to make the trip.

As mentioned above, their cornerstone is the teaching of the Pure Meditation Course. This course runs several times throughout the year and is taught by experienced teachers to small groups seeking peace, fulfilment and wisdom.

If you require any assistance organising a retreat for your class or would like further details on whether this venue would be suitable for your needs, you can also contact us and we’d be happy to help.

The Centre states that their courses seek to share spiritual truths, not dogma, that resonate in all faiths. A full list of available courses, along with up to date prices, can be found on the centre’s website.

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