Building your Wellbeing business can be hard. There’s a lot of competition out there and finding your USP that sets you apart can feel impossible.

You’ve done your training, covered others classes, earned your dues and finally launched your own class with a handful of regular students. That’s great, but what’s the next step? How do you reach people who need Yoga or Pilates, but haven’t found it yet. How do you get the word beyond the students who attend your studio?

Maybe it’s time to think outside the box. The beauty of Yoga and Mat Pilates is that they are portable. A few mats, maybe some blocks or bands and you can take that practice anywhere. Moving outside Yoga studios and Church halls to more unusual Yoga venues can open up a whole new world of clients who may not be the traditional target market for your classes.

Here are our suggestions for a few places you could approach to run classes.


Yoga in a busy bar might not sound the best of ideas, but many bars and pubs have quiet areas they use for functions, and during the day and early evening they are often looking for new ways to encourage people into their venues.

Lots of people use alcohol as a way to unwind and destress, a function that should surely be being filled by your Yoga class, right?

Beer yoga and Wine yoga have already hit the news in the UK and reaching a new audience in need of a way to de-stress and relax can only be good for them, and you.

Local Sports Teams

Yoga and Pilates are pretty much essentials for athletes at an elite level. They help maintain flexibility and body awareness and reduce the risk of injury. At amateur level, many athletes don’t cross train as much as they should and have maybe never thought to seek out a class beyond their football, rugby or netball sessions.

Approaching a team and offering to run a short class before one of their weekly sessions can be a great way to find new clients for your regular classes. You may even find a team willing to pay you to run dedicated classes for them if you can target it specifically at the needs of their sport.

Not only can you find new clients, but you might help reduce the chance of someone getting injured.



Public libraries are still a community hub and have expanded beyond just books.

Approaching your local library about running a class there, rather than just advertising your studio classes can help you reach a whole new market that could really benefit. A traditional studio can be an intimidating place and people feel that they somehow don’t belong in the space.

Take your classes out to the community, rather than waiting for the community to come to you.


Recently Waitrose announced it was trialling Yoga classes in its local stores, so approaching your local supermarket wouldn’t be a bolt from the blue.

A supermarket is an ideal venue to reach busy parents that could benefit from Yoga or Pilates and they may be able to combine your class with their weekly shop. The environment is also familiar and can be less intimidating than a regular studio.

Make sure you target your class to your audience. This may not be the venue for anything high energy. Focus on a feel-good class that will leave attendees feeling relaxed and restored and you could find some new devotees.

Festivals or Concerts

Big festivals have been running yoga or meditation sessions for years, but many smaller local festivals may have focused more on music and food provision and missed the opportunity to offer a wider range of entertainments.

Research the events in your area and don’t be afraid to get in touch and offer your services. Sunrise or Sunset Yoga could be a great addition to a local event. Depending on the size of the festival you may, or may not, be able to charge a fee to the organisers of the event, but either way, it can be a great way to get your brand and style of teaching out to a larger audience.

When you are looking for venues, there are always key things that you’ll need to bear in mind.

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