Christmas is coming and it can be a tricky time to retain students in your Yoga classes.

There are so many demands on our time over Christmas. Family commitments, Christmas parties and shopping all take up time and energy that your students may have been devoting to their Yoga practice and taking a class can seem like an unncessary self indulgence.

From a business perspective, keeping your students engaged over this period is vital. Skip too many sessions or lose contact, and you may lose them for good. From a personal perspective, in the midst of the Christmas hustle is exactly the time when maintaining their Yoga practice could be vital for your students.

So how do you keep their attention over the busy Christmas period?

Set Home Work

For the students who are attending your classes, your goal is to keep them engaged so that coming back is the obvious choice.

Keeping them focused on their practice throughout the week will mean they want to come back and discuss their progress. Suggest poses to work on, or meditations to try before they return, and at the next class, follow up and ask students how they found it.

You don’t want to overwhelm anyone, just give them a little nudge to stay focused.

Stay in Touch

Setting up an email list of your current students, or inviting them to a private Facebook group is a great way to keep in touch, and to make sure you stay on their mind over the Christmas period.

Use these communication channels to remind students of the date and time of their next class, of alternative classes they could attend if they’re busy, or to give advice on home practice to keep students who can’t attend in-person engaged.

Creating a 2-way conversation with students between classes adds value and helps them see how Yoga can fit into their life every day.

Run Special Sessions

When holidays interfere with your regular class programming it can get students out of the routine of attending and lead to them not coming back.

Acknowledge that classes may be quieter over the Christmas period, and consider running some one-off sessions with a particular focus. Replace your general Yoga class with a session that focuses on poses that aid the digestion between Christmas and New Year, many students will need it! Or run a candle-lit restorative Yoga focused session in the week before Christmas when life is at its busiest.

Reach Out Personally

If you haven’t seen a student in your sessions in a while, don’t be afraid to reach out to check if everything is ok. Acknowledge that they’re probably just busy, and offer your assistance to help them maintain their practice, whether that’s alternative classes or help with some home practice.

Knowing that their presence has been missed could just be the push they need to come back to class.

Keep Recruiting

While the Christmas season might see a drop-off in some students attendance, there are others who at this time of year will be searching for something to help them stay grounded, or fend off some extra Christmas pounds. That means this is an excellent time of year to attract new students, if you target your marketing well, and run classes that suit the season.

One off sessions are ideal for this kind of recruitment. Add a Christmas relaxation theme and offer them as a free taster session to new students to help them realise the physical and psychological benefits of Yoga practice.

Last, but by no means least. Don’t forget to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

All of us at Wellbeing Venues wish you a Happy Christmas, and we’ll be here in the New Year with tips and advice to help you grow your Yoga business, and find the perfect venues for your classes.

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