Spa Aphrodite is situated in the northwest of Slovakia, in the town of Rajecké Teplice, nestled amongst fir tree covered mountains. Its thermal spa was first mentioned in the 14th Century.

Its warm, mineral-rich waters and the luxury surroundings of the attached hotel make it an ideal place for a therapeutic break or a wellbeing holiday.

Looking after yourself is just as important as looking after your students, so a spa stay could be the perfect wellbeing break.

Spa Therapy

The big draw of Spa Aphrodite is it’s healing thermal mineral waters which are “moderately mineralized, hypotonic, hydrogen carbonate calcium-magnesium with a temperature of 38 degrees”. You can drink the water directly from a fountain available in the lobby of the spa, or bathe in one of the pools in water world and let the warm water and massage jets soothe your body.

There are both indoor and outdoor baths available with massage jets at a temperature of around 38 degrees, or take a dip in the Turkish Baths, with 2 side by side pools, one at a deliciously warm 41 degrees, and the other a refreshing 16 degrees.

Inside you will also find the Natural Spa and Sauna World.  The Natural Spa is the newest part of the spa complex and is adults only. You will find a natural hot pool and ice pool, aquarium relaxation room, sauna and the Kneipp pathway, a series of hot and cold pools with uneven terrain to stimulate the feet and improve circulation.


The Balenology centre attached to the spa offers the opportunity to take the therapeutic use of the waters a step further. There are traditional beauty treatments and relaxing massages available to help you make the most of your downtime.

The spa is also able to offer a variety of treatments for musculoskeletal disorders, neurological diseases and respiratory diseases including oxygen therapy, magnetotherapy and hydrotherapy treatments.


The Aphrodite complex features a number of accommodation options on the spa site itself. From luxury apartments and suites, to standard hotel rooms. The hotel is recently refurbished in a grand style, featuring lots of marble and gold leaf, ideal for a restful, luxury vacation.


Buffet style breakfast and dinners give you the option to tailor your dietary preferences to your current needs. Detox your body with hot water and lemon and dine on grilled fish, or indulge yourself on the hotels own brand beer and indulgent rich desserts.

Rooms are available from 110 EUR per night in the Hotel Aphrodite.

Visit SPA.SK for more information on accommodation and packages.
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